Feeding yout puppy

There is an age when your puppy will switch from his mother’s milk to what are known as « solid » foods. This is the time of « weaning ».

Before weaning, your puppy eats its mother’s milk or is fed with « formulated » puppy milk; after weaning, it eats more solid foods, in the form of mousses, pâté, small bites or kibbles…

At what age does a puppy switch to solid food?

Around three to four weeks, when the first teeth come out and the mother begins to refuse feedings and push her puppies/kittens away, thus encouraging the transition to solid food, i.e. weaning. They can therefore be given kibbles at around 3 to 4 weeks of age.

How should I feed a three-month-old puppy?

When you adopt a puppy (from the age of 8 weeks), it is already eating a « solid » food: the « puppy » ranges are designed to be given throughout the first year, from weaning, until the age of one year, i.e. until adulthood (between eight and 24 months, depending on the breed of dog).

How many meals should I give my puppy, and at what age?

The younger your puppy is, the more frequent the meals should be. At two months of age, you should give your puppy 3 to 4 meals a day. At three months, three meals, at 4 and 5 months, two meals…

When and how should I give my puppy milk?

Puppies are given milk until they are 3 to 4 weeks old. As with a baby, you give a slightly warmed « formula » milk specially adapted for dogs, reconstituted with a dose of powdered milk and the corresponding volume of water.

Can I give a puppy meat and vegetables?

Throughout a dog’s life, but especially as it grows, you need to give it a balanced, complete food. If you want to give your puppy vegetables, you’ll need to supplement them with just the right amount of meat or protein, vitamins and minerals. This calculation is much more accurate with a ready-to-eat food, and there’s no risk of you making a mistake or having health problems.

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