Flint River Bully Sticks & Tooble Dog Chews

Dogs LOVE bully sticks ~ and you will love keeping your furry friend happy and occupied while the chewing action helps to keep your dogs teeth clean! The low-to-no odor is result of proper processing of the freshest products, which are oven-baked for extra flavor and cleanliness. All batches are tested to ensure safety.

Description of the Bully Sticks

No Grease, Oven-Baked for Flavor and Cleanliness, Low to No Odor, Longer Lasting, Does not Splinter Like Bone, 100% Digestible (unlike rawhide, Helps Clean Teeth Naturally, Low in Fat, High in Protein! Welcome our New, “Tender Lovin’ Smoked Chicken Jerky Treats”!

Flint River Ranch is proud to introduce a naturally smoked chicken jerky treat that is truly US-produced, From ingredients sourced from US suppliers and produced in the USA – No GMO’s and no ingredients from China or other foreign countries. Trust Flint River Ranch to bring you a quality, minimally processed treat that you will feel good about feeding to your pets!

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