Flint River Ranch Ingredients

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At Flint River Ranch we care about your pets as much as we care about our own! The premium quality, natural and human-grade ingredients we use, coupled with our state-of-the-art preparation of Flint River Ranch Pet Food Formulas sets us apart from other pet food companies. We carefully analyze ingredients; consult the leading American industry professionals, and natural ingredient suppliers when creating our special and unique pet food formulas


As you will see below, we are proud of our ingredients and not only list them for you but give a short explanation of the extra benefits your pets will receive while enjoying our wholesome and tasty pet foods.

Flint River Ranch uses quality natural ingredients to provide for your pet’s well-being by helping it to synergistically heal itself through healthy, holistic nutrition.

MEATS The mix of proteins and amino acids found in our formulas are the basic building blocks of your pet’s body and its immune system. We also believe that by providing a variety of healthy meat proteins in each formula, Flint River Ranch is more successful at meeting the overall nutritional needs of your pet compared to those who rely on single source proteins. Flint River Ranch uses “meat meal” which is meat ground to remove excess water for easy assimilation into our formulas “cook.” All meat is muscle and skin flesh only, with little or no bone attached from processing. Our meats can be considered human-quality, similar in ranking to store-brand meats you would buy for your own family.


CHICKEN Our Chicken meat is purchased from American sources and are certified hormone and antibiotic free. Chicken not only provides healthy amino acids to promote strong bones and muscles, but it’s one of the best sources of protein to help maintain your active pets’ energy level, along with calcium for strong teeth and healthy vision.


LAMB Lamb is free-range fed and imported from New Zealand. Lamb is also one of the easiest meat proteins for your pets to digest; making our Ultra Premium Lamb Meal, Millet, and Rice Formula a great choice for a high value nutritional meal.


FISH Fish is generally a combination of ocean white fish (herring, trout, and menhaden). Some of our fish is farm raised, but our Bonita and Menhaden is caught directly from the clear blue oceans. Fish is a great source of Vitamin D and A and healthy Omega 3. These healthy vitamins and essential fats promote a strong immune system, healthy skin, and shiny coat, and assist in regulating calcium to promote good health and healing


SOURCE OF GRAINS Grains are purchased from American commercial suppliers. They come to us tested and certified-free of natural toxins and molds. This testing and certification process insures the very best quality for our formulas. We believe that a combination of grains; like a combination of proteins, will provide your pets with a wide variety of helpful vitamins and minerals to maintain their overall good health and nutrition.


FLAX Flax is recognized for its potential in reducing the risk of some chronic diseases; it helps improve thickness and sheen of hair coat; it provides a great benefit to oven-baked food as it resists oxidation from the baking process and improves product shelf life. The different proteins in flax provide a high proportion base of unsaturated essential fatty acids and dietary fiber.


WHEAT Whole wheat and selected parts of the wheat berry are used in some of our formulas as the base grain. The whole grain is ground into two sizes: a fine ground whole-wheat flour as a binder and a course ground whole-wheat flour for texture. Wheat grains are not only more digestible than corn; it is one of the most nutritionally balanced grains. It is also an easy-to-digest source of carbohydrate; and it adds fiber and energy to your pet’s diet.


RICE Flint River Ranch uses a combination of White and Brown Rice. White rice is used to ease digestion and Brown rice is added for its nutritional, fiber and healing values. This combination helps to enhance the immune system of your pets with continual feedings.


CORN Although, we feel that corn is a good grain it is not easily digested in a dog’s system. Therefore, we do not use corn when preparing our many dog recipes. However, corn is a good nutritionally balanced grain and an easy source of carbohydrates, fiber, and energy for cats if prepared properly. Using our unique pre-digestive process, we can provide the proper nutrition to your cat locked in this grain without adding strain on your cat’s digestive system.


VITAMINS & MINERALS Our vitamins and minerals work with your pet’s system in many different ways. They help to reduce stress, formulate collagen, speed healing, and aid in digestion. They are essential for your pet’s growth and all around good health. Our chelated minerals are bonded to amino acids. This is highly effective in providing metabolic absorption in your pet’s digestive system. Our products are naturally preserved with a combination of mixed Tocopherols (Vitamin E) and Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C).


ADDITIONALLY, OUR FOOD IS NUTRIENT DENSE SO YOU CAN FEED LESS FOR ADDED VALUE! Since our canine formulas are concentrated and nutrient dense; there is more value with less food consumed. Feeding oven-baked foods require 20-25% less food than steam-extruded foods. Pet owners will find fewer odors and less stool clean up. When feeding Flint River Ranch products, you will be able to see the difference in your pet’s health, skin, coat, energy level, and quality life-style.