Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to frequently asked questions about Flint River Ranch. Our GUARANTEE! If you are not satisfied with your Flint River Ranch product, you can return your purchase within 30 days for a full product refund. Flint River Ranch must be contacted within those 30 days to be informed of your intention to return these products in order to qualify for a full product refund. Product must be shipped; postage paid, to the FRR facility assigned to receive your return by the Call Center. Please call 800-354-6858.

How do i place an order?

Please place your order on-line. Our ordering system and shopping cart are secure. We process all payments via PayPal Pro Merchant Services. Paypal's strict processing standards keeps your credit card information safe and secure. We do not take phone orders so that your personal information is never in our hands or in our computer systems. When you place your credit card information in our shopping cart, it is encrypted so that it can not be "hacked" or stolen during or after your transaction. We never have possession of or see your credit card information in our records and neither can anyone else. This is far safer than you giving a stranger your credit card number over of the phone. PayPal has more than 2,000 people working on trust and safety issues to keep both the marketplace and the PayPal service secure.

What is the disclaimer on your website?

Flint River Ranch is sold through distributors like myself. Every website operating on the internet is owned an operated by an independent FRR distributor. Flint River Ranch's policy is that all distributors place this disclaimer on their website so that customers understand who we are and that our policies may differ from theirs and that each distributor's website policies may differ from each other. When you place your order on our website, we process your order by placing it immediately with Flint River Ranch so that it will be shipped fresh to you within 2 to 5 business days in most cases. We have been an independent distributor with Flint River Ranch for over 15 years and know their products and their company very well. Our customers satisfaction, from shopping experience to order receipt and product freshness is our priority.

Why doesn't Flint River Ranch sell in retail stores?

Flint River Ranch is sold through distributors so that customers can have a more personal experience with a knowledgeable representative. All distributors have a thorough understanding of the company as well as the products so that your questions can be comprehensively answered. Also, by purchasing through distributor's on-line stores, your order is then drop-shipped fresh from a Flint River Ranch warehouse closest to you. This ensures your pet receives a fresh, tasty bag of food each time rather than a bag that may have been sitting on a pet store shelf for months.

What is the best recipe for my dog who has food allergies?

For many dogs, chicken and grains can be the culprit when it comes to food sensitivities. We highly recommend the Lamb/Millet/Rice Recipe and Fish and Chips Recipe (Trout and Potato) as well as the Duck and Oatmeal Dog Food. These three formulas were created with allergies/sensitivities in mind.

How much should I feed?

If you are changing to Flint River Ranch food from another brand, please remember that food changes can upset a pet's digestive system. You should make the change gradually over 7-21 days by mixing the Flint River Ranch food with the brand previously used. Start with a mixture of 10% - 15% Flint River Ranch food, then increase the percentage of Flint River Ranch food by 10% - 15% each day until the transition is complete. Without the gradual transition from the other brand to richer Flint River Ranch food, pets may get upset stomachs and diarrhea. Don't try to speed the process by mixing a bag of each food together for a 50/50 mix and starting your pet on that. You and your pet may both be dissatisfied with the results. See our FEEDING GUIDELINE for more information.

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