Flint River Ranch Dog and Cat Food Customer Reviews

We love to hear from our customers about how well their pets are doing since starting on Flint River Ranch or when changing to a new recipe. We also appreciate feedback so that we can continue to provide excellent customer service. Read our latest reviews below;

2014-04-28 Deer Antler - Jumbo Size
They're Great
We like the price, the coupons, and most important ROSCO love then.

2014-05-06 Deer Antler - Medium Size
P Fishnick
Deer antlers
Julie loves chewing on them and keeps her busy for hours.

2014-05-01 Duck & Oatmeal Dog Food Recipe - 20lbs
C smith
Great service
Dogs love the food and I love the prices and service.

2014-05-10 Duck & Oatmeal Dog Food Recipe - 20lbs
L Merriman
Excellent Food
Our Basset Hound loves the duck & oatmeal recipe! And I love the ease of ordering and the fact that it comes right to my front door!! She has been eating Flint River Ranch since she was a pup.

2014-05-06 Lamb/Millet/Rice - 20lbs
marcia s.
Lamb/millet rice is a yes!
I have been happy with the product for my dog. It takes a little more planning to order the dog food as the auto ship does not work well if I am out of town and the weather is inclement. On the positive side, it is nice to NOT have to run to the store and have the food delivered.

2014-05-20 Lamb/Millet/Rice - 40lbs
B Durrington
No More Allergic Reactions to Food
Our sharpei has been on Flint River Lamb/Millet/Rice for food allergies for the past 5 years and done really well. We got him as a pup and the skin allergies were causing him to lose fur and his skin was bleeding. Vet medications weren't helping much. Researched on line and found Flint River Ranch mix specifically for dogs with food intolerance. He had immediate improvement and today has no skin problems. I also have two other Bichons and I feed it to them as well. They like it, too.

2014-05-07 Original Puppy & Adult Dog Food - 10lbs
B Kautz
great dog food
This is the only dry food my dogs will eat

2014-05-01 Original Puppy & Adult Dog Food - 20lbs
K Spearman
Great food
Even finicky eaters find the kibbles tasty. I have tried many foods with different combinations, but the Flint River Ranch Adult and Puppy food gets eaten every day by my Bichon Frise.

2014-05-12 Original Puppy & Adult Dog Food - 20lbs
Smokey chicken jerky
My dogs are very picky about their treats. This is the first treat that they LOVE.

2014-05-26 Senior Plus Dog Food - 20lbs
A miracle!
This product is truly a miracle. I have a senior Jack Russell terrier that no longer has joint problems, ever since I started him on this food. In addition, all of his skin allergies are gone and he is no longer itching like he used to. The strangest thing of all is that he looks and acts like a young puppy! People are amazed at how good he looks at 16 years of age. He does not limp, is not even an ounce overweight and looks like a healthy puppy.
I will never buy dog food at the store anymore, but will keep on ordering from Flintridge. I strongly recommend this products to every pet owner and lover!! It is a true miracle after all!
Lucy Thomas.