Flint River Ranch Coupon CodesFlint River Ranch Coupon Codes

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Unlike other distributor's sites, we offer coupons to new and existing customers. We have been distributors of Flint River Ranch Dog and Cat Food since 1996 and have extensive knowledge of canine nutrition and behavior. We offer the lowest prices and with our added discounts, especially for our customers who subscribe to our newsletter, you will get the best service and the best coupons available.

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Coupons cannot be combined - please only one coupon per customer/per household per day. Duplicate or multiple orders will not be processed or could be delayed.

Coupon Codes can only be used on-line at: www.flint-river-dog-food.com 


Valid only on purchases of $46.49 or more - cannot be applied to autoshipments

Coupon Code: FRDF


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Valid only on purchases of $406.49 or more  -  cannot be applied to autoshipments.

Coupon Code: 5BUCKS