Flint River Ranch Distributors

Since 1993, when founder Jim Flint began producing Flint River Ranch Pet Food, it has been sold through distributors.

With his family’s fifty years of business experience, and the collected wisdom, advice and contributions of many of the industries finest experts, he identified quality ingredients and developed a new and unique manufacturing process. These advisors included nutritionists, industry consultants, manufacturers, suppliers, and veterinary professionals. Their combined efforts have resulted in Flint River Ranch becoming the recognized industry leader specializing in the oven-baking production of all-natural canine & feline formulas.

 Armed with the right product line, Jim desire was to take advantage of dynamic changes occurring in the marketplace and the way in which people were purchasing products. Recognizing the popularity of direct-sales marketing and home-delivery, he observed that customers were gravitating towards saving time in their lives by shopping from the comfort of their own homes. Jim determined that all Flint River Ranch products would be ordered online and delivered fresh from the company’s ovens straight to everyone’s door. This is why Flint River Ranch’s products, all-natural & chemical-free, will never be available in grocery outlets or pet superstores where they could linger and grow stale.

We have been proud distributors of Flint River Ranch since 1996.

If you are new to Flint River Ranch and want to order directly from them, visit the Corporate Website - FRRCO.com

Distributorship has it's challenges. There is a huge responsibility on the part of each distributor to recognize that they are the face of the company. Each distributor must have extensive knowledge of not only each product, but how the Flint River Ranch company produces and ships their products. Policies and procedures including guarantees and returns need to be fully understood in order to serve the customers well. And excellent customer service is a must! The consumer must be able to quickly reach the distributor with problems, questions or concerns.

The distributor's website must be secure, informative and easy to navigate. As Flint River Ranch Products are sold on-line, it is imperative that the shopping experience for every customer be free of frustration and worry.

Our Goal

We want you to have an educated, enjoyable and safe shopping experience while visiting our website. We appreciate your dedication to the health and well-being of your pets. It is our pleasure to assist you in any way we can. Please let us know if we can help you further.