Flint River Ranch Business Opportunity

Flint River Ranch is sold only through distributors such as ourselves. We have been with Flint River Ranch as Senior Distributors since 1996. All orders are shipped from Flint River Ranch warehouses so that you receive a fresh bag of food and treats for your pet every time. We believe service and quality go hand-in-hand. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Flint-River-Dog-Food.com/Bonnie Rubin Business Phone: 800-780-4302 ~ Home Phone: 760-489-4441

Pet Product Sales are a 55 Billion dollar a year industry! More money is spent on pet sales than in the Toy and Baby Food Industries combined!

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175% of all Americans own a pet

282% buy premium pet food

387% regularly take their pets to the vet

477% have their pets groomed

Did You Know?

People spend more time reading nutritional labels on pet food (41%) than their own food (37%)

And That ...?

83% would be likely to risk their lives to save their pet!

The Flint River Ranch Business Opportunity

The total FLINT RIVER RANCH business opportunity is simple - a solid service, sharing, sales and marketing plan offering a valid selling proposition and a premium quality consumer product. FLINT RIVER RANCH observes the same marketing and advertising costs involved in all product sales; however, we prefer that these funds be paid to those individuals who make this business happen.

Flint River Ranch Advantages

  • A major market and a need
  • Affordable products that are priced competitively
  • Pride in sharing and selling. You can honestly recommend a great product
  • Commission schedule is realistic
  • No franchise to buy
  • No special investment is required
  • No territorial restrictions
  • Products delivered direct to the customers home
  • No inventory to buy
  • No limit on earnings
  • As an independent contractor, you can work at home according to your own schedule
  • Shipping is handled by the company
  • Payment processing may also be handled by the company
  • Build your own website/shopping cart and drop-ship or use website provided by Flint River Ranch
  • Carry inventory if you prefer and charge what your market will bear
Income depends upon your energy level and dedication to the business. Flint River Ranch Distributors seek to generate and build “residual” income that increases over a period of months and years. They do so by investing time and effort in building a customer base and if desired a distributor network. Flint River Ranch makes it easy; Distributors have access to a back-office to place orders, their customers can call-in, fax or set-up automatic shipments for orders as well.

Flint River Ranch Program

A program designed to kindle the spirit of entrepreneurship without the usual large start-up costs of conventional business. It provides a quick method of introducing FLINT RIVER RANCH products to the general public and affords a significant business opportunity. The FLINT RIVER RANCH version of selling is SHARING. Sharing means communicating enthusiasm about and recommending FLINT RIVER RANCH products to people you already know in the normal course of your life. It may be defined as a method of moving services to the consumer via a direct marketing system.

Emphasis is on the service distribution process. In order for direct marketing to succeed, it requires hard work on a consistent basis. Compensation is directly related to individual productivity. There must be an ever-present desire to sell, as well as to build a sales organization.Success depends upon skill and work, not luck.

THERE IS NO BUY-IN FEE REQUIRED. This is not a pyramid program.

You are an independent contractor, a self-employed businessperson who derives income from commissions and bonuses. Participants in direct marketing can begin on a part-time basis. It takes time to learn enough about the business to effectively share it with others. There is no historical data to predict your future income. It is always best to keep realistic expectations.

The business of FLINT RIVER RANCH is to provide the finest available feline and canine food products more inexpensively and efficiently than anyone else by doing business in a highly effective way. The business opportunity is marketed by sharing the advantages of the program with others. Each Associate approaches their business venture in this or her own way. Some will develop a large customer base earning thousands of dollars per year. Others will be active in recruiting and training new Associates and help them develop a strong down-line.

GENERATION OF SENIOR DISTRIBUTOR BONUS INCOME When a Distributor directly sponsors a new Distributor (the sponsoring Distributor is now known as a Senior Distributor) - the down-line network formed with and under the new Distributor is considered the Senior Distributor’s Group. The number of monthly qualified Senior Distributor’s separate Groups equals the number of levels down bonus income is paid. For example, if a Senior Distributor has 3 qualified Groups during the month, the Senior Distributor is eligible for bonus income generated by his Group down to 3 levels. A Senior Distributor can sponsor any number of new Distributors; however, the bonus income
generates down to a maximum of 10 levels.

COMMISSION INCOME A 19% PV commission is paid to qualified Distributors and Senior Distributors on their individual purchases and personal sales. 

COMMISSION ELIGIBILITY Personal Volume (100 PV) monthly is required for a Distributor or Senior Distributor to qualify for commission income on sales generated during that month. PV volume does not accumulate from one month to another. 

BONUS ELIGIBILITY Senior Distributor is also eligible for monthly bonus income if 100 PV qualified during the monthly period. A Group is Bonus Qualified (BQ) if one of the Distributors within the Group down-line qualifies with 100 PV eligibility. Bonus eligibility is determined monthly and is not accumulated from one month to another. PV's are not transferable within Groups. 

BONUS INCOME Bonus income, based on down-line level, is paid to qualified Senior Distributors on the individual purchases and personal sales of their down-line Distributors and customers.