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NEW! Flint River Ranch Grain-Free Salmon & Potato Dog Food. Check back for updates and information. It is expected to be available mid to late December!

Like you, we love our pets and want them to be healthy! At Flint River Ranch we have formulated dog and cat food to meet the high standards of today's dedicated pet owners. Our pets deserve a diet that contains only the best, most nutritious human-grade ingredients. Our products are made in the USA and have never contained by-products or chemicals.

 No Chemical Preservatives, No Glutens, No Artificial Additives or Flavorings!
Our wholesome, fresh & natural ingredients are sourced from US Suppliers only!
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30 day Money Back Guarantee on all Flint River Ranch Products!

See how we compare to the top 5 brands like Blue Buffalo and Wellness for dogs: COMPARE FLINT RIVER RANCH. FRR uses only healthy, natural dog and cat food ingredients in their recipes. We have been providing you, our valued customers and all dedicated pet owners, exceptional service, discount coupons and the lowest prices since 1996. We also offer free shipping and same day order processing!

Shipping and Delivery: All orders ship fresh and fast from the Flint River Ranch wLearn More About Flint River Rancharehouse closest to you. We also offer FREE Shipping! Most orders arrive to your door within 2 to 4 business days.


Food for Dogs With Allergies  Recommended for Dogs With Food Allergies!   

Our Popular Oven-Baked Dog Food Recipes

Lamb & Rice Dog Food ~ Great for dogs with allergies 10 lbs $28.25
FRR Lamb, Millet and Rice Dog Food 20 lbs $42.50
Trout and Potato Dog Food ~ A Popular Favorite! 10 lbs $28.25
Flint River "Fish and Chips" Formula 20 lbs $43.50
Puppy & Adult Dog Food ~ Even finicky dogs love this! 10 lbs $25.50
Flint River Ranch Original Recipe 20 lbs $38.50
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Fresh Choices for Pets!

Flint River Ranch will ship to you fresh and Fast! Our products are manufactured within 30 to 40 days of shipment so that your pet will be sure to enjoy each mealtime!

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