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Product Guarantee
Flint River RanchFlint River Ranch Lamb Dog Food Dog and Cat food is confident that your pet will not only love our high-quality pets food but will also thrive! All of our dog and cat food come with a 30 day money back guarantee. We offer a variety of delicious and nutritious Dog and Cat Food formulas sure to please your best friend.

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Healthy Ingredients
Our Dog FoodFlint River Ranch Trout and Potato formulas include superior human-grade proteins and carbs. They also provide supplemental vitamins and minerals, healthy fruits, vegetable and herbs. Flint River Ranch Pet Food has never contained BHA, BHT or Ethoxyquin,  Chinese or GMO ingredients ~ and they never will. Proudly made in the USA!

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All orders ship within 24Flint River Ranch Puppy Adult business hours. Flint River Ranch ships fast and fresh to your door via United Parcel Service. Our many warehouse locations result in most orders arriving within two to three business days. Shipping is included in the price of our Dog Food! We also offer convenient Auto-ship!

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Since 1996 we have provided exceptional service, discount coupons and the best prices. COMPARE PRICES. We offer free shipping and same day processing!

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Made and sourced in the USA, Flint River Ranch has NEVER been recalled! Learn how we compare to the top 5 brands like Science Diet and Wellness Dog Food: COMPARE FLINT RIVER RANCH. For more information on ingredients, be sure to read WHAT'S REALLY IN YOUR PET'S FOOD!
Recommended for Dogs With Allergies!  Dog Food for Dogs With Allergies

Popular Flint River Natural Dog Food Formulas

Lamb and Rice Dog Food 20 lbs $27.25
View More/Buy 40 lbs $41.50
Trout and Potato Dog Food 20 lbs $27.25
View More/Buy 40 lbs $41.50
Original Puppy & Adult Dog Food 20 lbs $24.25
View More/Buy 40 lbs $37.50

Our Company is dedicated to providing you, our valued clients and dedicated pet owners, and your beloved pets with only the highest quality holistic diets. We offer the finest, all-natural dog and cat foods using the best ingredients available. We use only wholesome ingredients, and healthy proteins like free-range chicken and New Zealand lamb; always hormone and anti-biotic free. We will not use cheap fillers nor we will ever use by-products ~ both you and your dog will see and feel the difference!
NEW! Tender Lovin's Smoked Turkey Jerky

Introducing the Flint River Ranch all natural chicken jerky Flint River Chicken Jerky Dog Treatdog treat! From ingredients obtained and product made in the USA, our Chicken Jerky is hand-trimmed and naturally smoked by a family owned South Carolina smoke house. Your dog will enjoy this delectable and healthy chew. This naturally smoked chicken jerky treat is sure to delight your furry family member!

Flint River Ranch supports dedicated pet owners in their pursuit of the holistic wellbeing of their pets. Flint River Ranch Recipes are developed by targeting diets and products specifically designed for every pets’ optimal health and happiness. 

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Recent News

Flint River Ranch Duck and OatmealNEW Kibble Shape! Flint River Ranch still make our kibbles by forming a 2″ cookie/biscuit which is then oven-baked. As this moves through the oven, it breaks apart along specific lines which is formed by the new die. These baked kibbles exit the oven in the shape that you see when you open your new bags. This new die allows us to bypass the hammer mill which would crush and break down the biscuits into small, random shapes. Now you will find less "dust/waste" and your dog will find a new enjoyable shape!

Fresh Solutions

FLINT RIVER RANCHFlint River Ranch Essential Greens Enzymes for Digestiion Essential Greens .. was formulated using the principle of our discontinued Dry Water formula but with more nourishing ingredients!Essential “Greens” is added to any pet food formula as a food topper supplement. EG makes a delicious gravy or sprinkle on dry!  Supports your dog or cat with better digestion, fresher breath and assists in improving skin & coat. Also supports your dog's immune system. View Essential Greens